Marine Surveys by Horizon Marine And Cargo Services, Inc., Captain Waclaw T. Kuza, Mississauga (Toronto), Ontario, Canada Horizon Marine And Cargo Services, Inc.
Mississauga (Toronto), Ontario, Canada

Providing Services For The Maritime Shipping Industry in Canadian and US Ports, The St. Lawrence River and The Canadian East & West Coasts and Canada wide inland. Worldwide Service Is Available.

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Captain Waclaw T. Kuza
Principal Marine Surveyor
Went to Sea 1988, Marine Surveys Since 2008

Marine Surveys and Services
  • Draft Survey calculation.

  • Husbandry Agent on behalf of ship's Charterer, Owner or Operator.

  • On- and Off-hire condition and bunker surveys.

  • Hold cleanliness surveys and cleaning supervision.

  • Cargo superintendence.

  • Loading/Discharge survey.

  • Sampling and Analysis.

  • Advice and assistance to Ship's Master.

  • Port Captain.

  • Expert Witness Services.
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