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Mississauga (Toronto), Ontario, Canada

Providing Services For The Maritime Shipping Industry in Canadian and US Ports, The St. Lawrence River and The Canadian East & West Coasts and Canada wide inland. Worldwide Service Is Available.

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Captain Waclaw T. Kuza
Principal Marine Surveyor
Went to Sea 1988, Marine Surveys Since 2008

Marine Claims Surveys
  • Specializing in steel products and container inspections

  • Cargo surveys (bulk, container, perishable cargo including fruits and vegetables, break bulk and general cargo)

  • Hatch opening surveys.

  • Steel out-turn Survey claims

  • Railroad/truck cargo claims
    • Pre-loading surveys (bulk, container, break bulk, project material)
    • Steel pre-loading surveys:
    • Investigation into cause of damage.
    • Lashing and securing surveys.

  • Stevedore and terminal damage surveys.

  • Incident Investigation for P&I Club

  • All aspects of marine insurance claims - investigation of causation, quantum of loss and salvage of damaged product.

  • Risk analysis and loss prevention. Advise on suitability of packaging, securing and lashing of both containerised and break bulk cargoes.

  • Handling of specialist cargo claims such as frozen sea food, frozen foodstuffs, fruit and vegetables, hi-tech and computing equipment, scientific goods, heavy equipment, steel products and paper products.

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